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Information and policies

Complaints / Returns

It is, of course, unfortunate when things aren’t correct and a complaint needs to be made. If you have any complaints to make, we kindly ask you to contact us in accordance with our procedure rules which are laid out below. We will do our utmost best to resolve your complaint as efficiently as possible for you.

We ask that you kindly provide your complaint to our customer support department. You can do this through email, post and/or telephone.

Our information

Osloweg 103
9723 BK Groningen
Tel: 088 145 1499

We will do our best to reply to your complaint within 14 days. However, if a longer time is required, we will contact you about this to inform you.

If you do not appreciate the wait, feel free to contact the mediation department of Trusted shop's quality mark which Masterchef is affiliated with.

Return Policy

  1. Damages or delivery errors:

    Is the package received incomplete or defective? Report this as soon as possible, you have 24 hours to do this after delivery. Clearly describe what the damage or defect is and add visible damage photos. Send us an e-mail with the following things:

    Did the package you received defective or incomplete? If so, please report this to us as soon as possible. You have 24 hours to do so once delivery has been received. Describe clearly what the defect or damage is and provide visible photos. Send us an e-mail with the following information:

    • A clear description of what the defect or damage is. Also, provide a visible photo with the damage/defect.
    • A photo of the entire packing slip. This is a receipt that is always included within the package.
    • Your name (or name in which the order was placed) and order number.

    After we have received your report, we shall reply and provide you with further details if applicable.

  2. Returns; Defective item within or outside the warranty period:

    If you have a defective item that is within the warranty period, please email us at with details and a brief description of the complaint. We shall then provide you with further instructions via e-mail.

    PLEASE NOTE: If the defect is caused because of incorrect use/fowl place, we will be forced to charge you the costs that were incurred at that time.

    Do you wish to return a defective item that is outside of the warranty period? Then please contact us via e-mail.

  3. Returning within 30 days.

    At Masterchef, we offer a trial period of 30 days for our products. This starts the day you receive your product. Within this time frame, the product can be returned. Please feel free to contact us stating your reason why. We work on a processing time of 5 working days after receipt. The refund for the purchase shall be returned (once the receipt has been returned) on workdays and shall be refunded via the payment method for which the product was paid. This includes the entire purchase and shipping costs. If the product is not returned within the trial period, it can no longer be returned, unless it includes a warranty.

    For a return that falls within “Return - within 30 days, the return costs are for your own account.

  4. Return instructions - within 30 days:

    When returning products, they must be returned clean and complete. If possible, return the products in the supplied original cardboard box.

    NOTE: the right of withdrawal is not limited by these regulations.

  5. Form for cancellation

    The packing slip and return form must be sent correctly to process your return. If these are incorrect, we, unfortunately, cannot process your return. Click here to download the return form.


Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to e-mail us your question and we shall respond within one.